Cat 5E 350 UTP, PVC, Riser rated (CMR), Solid Cond. Cable - 1000 Ft by ABA Elite

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Category 5E cable from ABA Cable which exceed the standards of ANSI/EIA/TIA 568A/B, are used on vertical cables, horizontal cables, backbone cables, patch cords, and connecting work areas. In addition to the highest standard of quality of the cable itself, the "Reelex" packaging makes it superior for added convenience and consistency. The "Reelex" packaging has all of the advantages of both reels and boxes without any of the disadvantages of either.

The Reelex ® advantage for end users

  • Tangle-free and Twist-free Payout.
  • Easy-pull Payout - Low tension.
  • Save Labor - Fast, simple setups save up to 50% on installation labor costs.
  • Rugged Packaging - Holds up under field abuse.
  • Easily Portable - Can be paid out by walking the package.
  • No Extra Equipment - No payoff stand, tension devices, or accumulators required.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Box and tubes are 100% recyclable.

350 MHz - Four twisted pairs of 24 gauge solid copper conductors - Reelex Box - 1000 feet.  


Solid Cabling Information:  Solid-conductor cable is designed for backbone and horizontal cable runs. Use it for runs between two wiring closets or from the wiring closet to a wallplate. Solid cable shouldn’t be bent, flexed, or twisted repeatedly. Its attenuation is lower than that of stranded-conductor cable. 

Note PVC Cables: PVC jacketed cables are used in non-plenum spaces which account for most residential and some commercial spaces (where not mandated by local building codes). See the info page  Plenum Vs. Riser for more details.

Cat5E Specs ABA Cat 5E Elite 350 PVC, Riser rated, Solid Cond. Cable - Specs


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