How to fusion splice fiber optic cable

     How to Fusion Splice a Fiber Optic Pigtail Using a Fusion Splicer 

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fusion splice two fiber optic strands together in an easy 11 step process.

Step 1: Prep Fiber

Strip off the outside jacket. "Nibble" off outer jacket in about 30mm segments

Step 2: Take off coating

Take off acrylate coating using the fiber stripper in a smooth perpendicular motion. Then, dab a lint free wipe in fiber optic cleaning solution to wipe off coating.

Step 3: Clean Fiber

Clean the fiber again with a lint free wipe. Slide the wipe towards the end of the fiber, once or twice, until it squeaks. The squeak indicates the fiber is clean.

Step 4: Cleave the Fiber

Cleave the fiber with a cleaver unit by opening the body cover and put the stripped fiber on the v-groove. Then close the holder cover. Close the main cover and move the slider forward to cleave the fiber.

Step 5: Clamp Fiber

Place the fiber in the clamp style fiber holder and clamp down the fiber.

Step 6 : Splice Sleeve

Repeat the process with the other fiber, but first put on the splice protection sleeve.

Step 7: Close the Lid

Close the lid and check for accuracy. Hit the set button once, and if there is a cleave error repeat the process.

Step 8 : Set

If accuracy is achieved, hit the set button again and the splice will complete.

Step 9: Slide Protection Sleeve

Open up both clamp style fiber holders, and slide the protection sleeve up in between both fibers.

Step 10: Protection Sleeve Heater

Put the sleeve in the protection sleeve heater, close the lid, and the sleeve will set automatically.

Step 11: Cooling Tray

Once the unit beeps to indicate it is complete, move the fiber to the cooling tray, and you're done!