Cat 6A 10GS Shielded (FTP), Plenum rated (CMP), Solid Cond. Cable - 1000 Ft by ABA Elite

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Cat 6a "Augmented Category 6" or more frequently as "Category 6A", operates at frequencies up to 650 MHz for both shielded and unshielded and will provide up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth. It can support future 10 Gbit/s applications up to the maximum distance of 100 meters on a 4-connector channel.

Four twisted pairs of 23 gauge solid copper conductors. Wooden Reel - 1000 feet.

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Note PVC Cables: PVC jacketed cables are used in non-plenum spaces which account for most residential and some commercial spaces (where not mandated by local building codes). See the info page Plenum Vs. Riser for more details.

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Specs: ABA Cat 6A Elite 10GS, STP, CMP, Solid Cond. Cable - Specs

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