Cat 5E / 6E / 6A Bulk Cable

We offer a full spectrum of Bulk Ethernet cable which somes in 1000 foot rolls.  Our Bulk Ethernet cable includes the folling varieties: Category 5E (Enhanced), Category 6, Category 6E (Enhanced), Category 6A (Augmented) LAN cable.  All Category varieties are offered in Unshieled (UTP) Riser Rated (CMR) and Plenum Rated (CMP), Shielded (FTP) Riser Rated (CMR), Shieled (FTP) Plenum Rated (CMP), and Direct Burial Shielded and Unshielded.  These varieties are also offered in both Solid Conductor and Stranded Conductor.  

Our bulk cable exceeds the standards of ANSI/EIA/TIA 568A/B. This cable is used on vertical cables, horizontal cables, backbone cables, patch cords, and connecting work areas.  They perform all application standards of networks such as 10BaseT, Fast Ethernet, 100Vg-AnyLAN, Token ring, TP-PMD, 100Mbs CDDI, ISDN, ATM155, ATM622, Gigabit Ethernet and a variety of MHz 100MHz, 350MHz, and 650MHz

Our 1,000 foot boxes and reels of Cat 5e Bulk cable are available in every essential option. We offer Cat 5e Bulk cable in PVC and Plenum jacket types, in CMR/CMP/CM rated, in shielded STP and unshielded UTP, with solid or stranded conductors. We also offer direct bury Cat 5e bulk cable.

The line of ABA Bulk Cable provides sufficient headroom for most robust network applications, including gigabit Ethernet applications. ABA Elite Bulk Cable products are among the best quality cables that money can buy and satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. ABA Elite puts more emphasis on state of the art R&D than any other company.

Don't forget your connectivity equipment! We offer Cat 5e modular plus in shielded and unshielded with boots, as well as keystone jacks, patch panels, and all the tools you need to get the job done right.

Our Cat 6 bulk Ethernet cable comes in 1000 foot rolls in the following:  Cat 6 Unshielded (UTP) Riser Rated Solid Connductor, Cat 6 Unshielded (UTP) Plenum Rated Solid Conductor, Cat 6 Unshielded (UTP) Stranded Conductor, Cat 6E 600 MHz Unshielded (UTP) Plenum Rated Solid Solid Conductor with Spline, Cat 6 Shielded (FTP) Riser Rated Solid Conductor in EZ Pull Reelex Box, Cat 6 Shielded (FTP) Plenum Rated Solid Conductor in EZ Pull Reelex Box.  

We also have Cat 6E 600 MHz Direct Burial Cable available in both Unshielded (UTP) and Shielded (FTP).  Our Direct Burial Ethernet Cable includes a Polyethylene Jacket with AL-Mylar and Water Blocking Tape.  

All our Cat 6 Bulk Cable is TAA compliant and exceeds the standards of ANSI/EIA/TIA 568A/B. 

Our selection of Cat 6A (Augmented) bulk cable includes theCat following varieties:  Cat 6A UTP (Unshileded Twisted Pair) Solid Conductor Riser Rated, Cat 6A UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Plenum Rated, Cat 6A FTP Shielded Solid Conductor Riser Rated, Cat 6A FTP Shielded Plenum Rated, and Cat 6A FTP Shielded Stranded Conductor.  All rolls of our Cat 6A cable come in 1000 foot rolls.  

The TIA specifications for Cat 6A Ethernet Cable has limits on alien crosstalk in cabling systmes.  Augmented Cat 6 Ethernet Cable has to operate at a minimum frequency of 500MHz fot.  It helps future proof your network and supports 10 Gbit applicatoin up to a maximum distance of 100 meters on a 4-connector channel.  

All of our Cat 6A cabling has a sweep frequency of up to and astonishing 650 MHz, is TAA compliant, and RoHS compliant,

Our RG-6 Bulk Coaxial Cable is TAA and RoHS compliant.  The conductor 18 AWG and includes Copper Clad Steel.  It is insulated with Gas Injected Foam PE, shielded with AL-MYLAR, and braided with Alluminum wire.  

This RG-6 cable is perfect for residental and commercial applications which include professional video applications carrying either baseband analog video signals for serial digital interface (SDI) signals.  

This RG-6 Coaxial Cable is usally used for CATV distribution and utilized F connectors, BNC connectors.  

Our selection of Cat 7 and Cat 7A (Augmented) bulk cable includes theCat following varieties:  Cat 7A FTP Shielded Solid Conductor Riser Rated, Cat 7A FTP Shielded Plenum Rated.  All rolls of our Cat 6A cable come in 1000 foot rolls.  We offer the following colors: Blue, White, and Grey. 

Cat 7A Ethernet Cable offers superior specificatoins on electromagnetic interference and on alien crosstalk in cabling systmes.  Augmented Cat 7A Ethernet Cable can operate on frequency speeds of up to 1000MHz.  It helps future proof your network and supports 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T applicatoins up to a maximum distance of 100 meters on a 4-connector channel.  

All of our Cat 7A cabling is tested to operate at a bandwidth of up to 1000MHz, is UL Listed, ETL Verified, RoHS Compliant, and 3rd Party Tested.

This grey 18/2AWG solid copper power wire is perfect for connector secuirty cameras and other components.  Our security camera power wire inlcudes solid copper conductors, and we offer it in white and grey and shielded and unshielded. This wire is UL Listed and Riser Rated.

Our composit cable if perfect for powering and providing a signal or live connection to different components or equipment all in one cable.  We offer 500 foot legnths of cable that include Cat 5, Cat 6, RG6, and 16AWG Audo Cable.  Our compsit wire is UL listed, Riser (CMR) Rated and contains only solid copper conductors.

Our THHN Building Wire is perfect for any application that involves powering components or equipment.  In the Networking industry running power and fiber optic cabling together provides and complete solution for powering up long distance components and providing a network.  For example you may need a power connection 300 foot away but need a power wire to provide electricity to your network switch.  It's recommended that for distances more than 250feet fiber optic cabling be used to provide the best signal.  This cables is superior to any Ethernet cabling but in many instances power is needed at the end of th run.  By running THHN Building Wire along side of it you can provide a complete solution to your network extension.

Our thermostat cable is perfect for providing power to your home automation devices such as your thermostats or any other low voltage device that can be powered by a 18AWG wire.  Our thermostat cable is riser rated (CMR), made of pure solid copper, and is UL listed.  

We offer a wide variety of speaker wire to fit all of your audio needs.  Our speaker wire if made of pure copper conductors to make sure your sound system provides the best audio possible.

Ethernet Cable Basics:

Category 5 Cable
Category 5e cable is an enhanced version of Category 5 that adheres to more stringent standards. It is capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit per second).

Category 6 Cable - 
Category 6 cable was designed to perform at frequencies of up to 250 MHz and offers higher performance for better transmission of data at speeds up to 1000 Mbps (see comparison chart below). Some properly installed Category 6 cable will also support 10 Gigabit speeds, but likely with limitations on length (look for our upcoming Category 6A / 10 Gig tutorial).

Augmented Category 6 (6A)
Category 6A cable is the latest twisted-pair cable type defined in February 2008 under the newest version of the TIA 568-B standard (568-B.2-10). Category 6A operates at frequencies of up to 500 MHz and can support transmission speeds at 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) - 
Used primarily for data transmission in local area networks (LANs), UTP network cable is a 4-pair, 100-ohm cable that consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs surrounded by an outer jacket. Each pair is wound together for the purposes of canceling out noise that can interfere with the signal. UTP cabling systems are the most commonly deployed cable type in the U.S.

Solid vs. Stranded Cable : 

Solid-conductor cable is designed for backbone and horizontal cable runs. Use it for runs between two wiring closets or from the wiring closet to a wallplate. Solid cable shouldn’t be bent, flexed, or twisted repeatedly. Its attenuation is lower than that of stranded-conductor cable.

Stranded cable is for use in shorter runs between network interface cards (NICs) and wallplates or between concentrators and patch panels, hubs, and other rackmounted equipment. Stranded-conductor cable is much more flexible than solid-core cable. However, attenuation is higher in stranded-conductor cable, so the total length of stranded cable in your system should be kept to a minimum to reduce signal degradation.