Fiber Optic Test Instruments

Fiber Optic Test Kits, Power Meters, Length Testers, Fault Locators, Talk Sets, & Connector Adapters. We carry an incredible selection of fiber optic test equipment. Our lines include OWL (Optical Wavelength Laboratories) and PHOTONIX. Test kits consist of a light source and power meter, etc. in a carrying case. Also offered are power meters, length measurement testers, visual fault finders and talk sets.

High-end Zirconia sleeve. Multimode. Singlemode.

Multimode and Singlemode. Fiber Optic Reference Cable Kits contain two simplex 62.5/125 or 50/125 (depending on option chosen) cables 1 meter length, and two simplex mating sleeves with corresponding to the cable test side connector style.