MTP®/ MPO Cassettes and Components

MTP Cassettes

Maintaining proper polarity across your network is also applicable when choosing a cassette. Cassettes come in a few different forms: 12 Fiber (1 x 12), 24 Fiber (2 x 12),and 24 Fiber (1 x 24). It is especially important to make sure the MTP configuration on your MTP Trunk Assembly or MTP Fanout Assembly is compatible with the MTP Cassette you choose.

Cassettes will be labeled as Method A/C or Method B. The main different here is orientation of the way the MTP cables are mated together. Method-A cassettes make a “key up” to “key down” connection between the internal MTP connector and the MTP cable connector. Method-B cassettes make a “key up” to “key up” connection.

Method B cassettes are not recommended for Singlemode APC fiber applications, because the angles of the mating connectors to not line up properly with this configuration and are not sufficient for low loss applications.  

*QuickTreX cassettes support a method A/C configuration

Alignment pins are pre-installed in the MTP/MPO connector located inside the cassette. These pins precisely align the mating fibers in the MTP/MPO connectors at either end of the cables that plug into the cassettes.