Network Switches, SFP Modules, and Media Converters

Overview offers an array of network equipment to customize and complete your fiber optic / copper network including managed and unmanaged network / Ethernet switches with POE capability, media converters, and SFP transceivers.  We also offer industrial switches and SFPs for harsh environment installations. 


Our fully managed and unmanaged switches from 4 ports through 48 ports that are designed for demanding network environments.  These switches come with or without SFP ports.  Our managed switches have capabilities with enhanced access security, ACLs, traffic prioritization, and IPv6 support.

SFP Modules / Transceivers:  

Our small form-factor pluggable (SFP) fiber optic transceivers come in an array of options supporting Gigabit Ethernet transmission over either multimode or singlemode fiber cable at short and long distances. They adhere to the IEEE standards for Gigabit Ethernet fiber connectivity, and are cost-effective methods of providing changeable Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic interfaces to switches and media converters equipped with a standard SFP port.

Media Converters:  

Media converters are a simple way transform your 10/100/1000BaseT copper network to 1000BaseSX fiber optic and expand the fiber link up to 500 m.  We offer both singlemode and multimode converters.  Simply plug a duplex or (2) simplex fibers into one media converter on one end and the opposite to extend your Ethernet network.

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