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QuickTrex MTP Cassettes Builder Tool

fiber optic cabling core diamaters

N/A = Not Supported/Not Applicable

Designation Core/Cladding Diameter (µm) Type Fast Ethernet 100BASEFX 1Gigabit Ethernet
1 Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-LX 10 Gigabit Ethernet 10GBASE 40 Gigabet Ethernet 40GBASE 100 Gigabit Ethernet 100GBASE 40G- SWDM4
OM1* 62.5/125 Multimode 2000 MG 275 Meters 550 Meters (mode conditioning patch cable required) 33 Meters N/A N/A N/A N/A
OM2* 50/125 Multimode 82 Meters
OM3 (Laser Optimized) 50/125 Multimode 550 Meters 100 Meters 300 Meters 100 Meters 100 Meters
OM4 (Laser Optimized) 50/125 Multimode 400 Meters 150 Meters 150 Meters 400 Meters 100 Meters
OM4 (Laser Optimized) 50/125 Multimode 100 Meters 150 Meters
Singlemode 9/125 Singlemode 5km at 1310 nm 10 km at 1310 nm
Chassis Types

There are three popular MTP strand counts available on the market today.

LGX (Standard) LGX (Standard)

These MTP®/MPO cassettes will fit most standard LGX Fiber Optic Enclosures that include enough depth to accommodate the MTP assembly in the back of it.
Note: All LGX rack mount enclosures are compatible and 2-12 panel LGX wall mount enclosures are compatible

2 Panel (1U) LGX Rack 2 Panel (1U) LGX Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure with (2) 24 Fiber MTP LGX Cassettes
SHD (Super High Density) SHD (Super High Density)

These MPO cassettes will only fit SHD fiber optic enclosures and are great for high strand count installs typically seen in data centers, campuses, and other commercial settings. Note: SHD enclosures are only available in rack mount style. We offer a 5 panel (1U) and 14 panel (2U).

2 Panel (1U) LGX Rack 2 Panel (1U) SHD Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure with (5) 24 Fiber MPO SHD Cassettes

When selecting the “strand” count on the MTP Cassette Configurator, it is important to match the MTP/MPO connector type with the correct cassette.

For instance, if you are ordering a 1x 24 MTP Assembly, then that cable would not be compatible with a 2 x 12 MTP cassette. Both examples utilize 24 fibers but are wired differently.

A single 24 fiber MTP connector will specifically require an MTP Cassette that accepts 1 x 24. An assembly that has 2 x 12 MTP connectors, would need a cassette that accepts two 12 fiber MTP connectors.

LGX (Standard) Example of a 1 x 24 MTP Cassette
LGX (Standard) Example of a 2 x 12 MTP Cassette