What are RedMere HDMI cables?

HDMI cables offer numerous convenience advantages because they carry both audio and video signal at the same time, in high definition. The one problem with HDMI cables is that they are fairly thick and rigid. Compared to coaxial wires they are great, but that doesn't mean they are ideal in a variety of settings.
What is RedMere technology? 
RedMere technology is a specialized chip that that uses SmartActive technology to transmit high definition audio and video signal through a smaller cable. Active technology has been tried with HDMI before, but RedMere manages to deliver a combination of price and functionality that is changing the way 
Making HDMI cables active in nature through the RedMere SmartActive makes it easier to extend the signal for longer distances over a thinner cable. The result is a cable that is longer, more resistant to bend and capable of working with a smaller connecter. As such, RedMere is making HDMI cables a prime option for connecting with smartphones, tablets, wall-mounted TVs and other devices that benefit from working with a smaller cabling format.
RedMere technology is changing the HDMI landscape by integrating active elements into the cabling infrastructure to resolve some of the limitations of the wiring format.