Product Search Tips

There are three main ways to find a product (or products on our website). The first one is geared mainly for Purchasing Agents and the second and third methods are geared mainly for end users of the products. The search methods are as follows:


Part Number (SKU #) Search:

Geared For: Purchasing Agents or anyone who has been referred to a part number for one of our products.

How to use it: Input the Part Number (SKU Number) in the search box located in the column on the left side and click the double arrow button. In the simplest scenario the product part number will be an exact match. Usually an exact match is possible with products that do not have any options. If you get an exact match you may click on the product link and add it to your cart. Many of our products do have options and the last characters of their part number are "Dynamically Generated". If your result is a partial match, this is likely to be the case. If your search produces a product that has at least a partial match of the part number, click on that product and add the options necessary to produce the desired result. When you add the product to the cart, pay close attention to the part number to see if it matches. To do this it is helpful to have a complete description of the product. If you do not have a complete description, you can try experimenting with different option choices until you obtain the correct match. Be sure to discard any incorrect part numbered items from the cart before proceeding. In any case, please be sure that the part number for the product in the shopping cart is an exact match.


Tiered Menu System (BEST WAY):

Geared For: End Users (the person who will specify and or use the product).

How to use it: Hover your mouse over the word Products in the upper left and a list of product categories will appear. Find the category you are looking for and place your mouse over it for more subcategory options. Submenus will appear and slide over to the appropriate sub-category. You can click on any level of sub-category (or main category) that you feel is appropriate. Usually it is best to get to the lowest sub-category to narrow down your choices. From the lowest sub-category, click on the link to the product that you wish to look at or purchase. In the illustration below the customer was looking for an ST to ST Multimode Patch Cable.



Product Name Search:

Geared For: End Users (the person who will specify and or use the product).

We generally do not recommend using this method as it may produce vague and/or inaccurate results. Depending on your circumstance, you may find this method to be a useful tool though. In some cases the search may produce an actual product link. In other cases it may produce a link to a category of products. Keep searching until you find the exact product that you are looking for.

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