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Manage Your High Density Network with our MTP Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Fanouts, and Cassettes

Do you manage or have the need for high density fiber optic cabling and assemblies? At LANshack, we specialize in custom high density pre-terminated MTP® Trunks and Fanouts and also offer a full variety of MTP cassettes and enclosures to perfect your high density custom fiber optic installation. MTP or Multi-fiber Push-On Connectors include 12 or 24 fibers all in one connector. They are perfect for high denisty applicatoins often seen in data centers, campuses, or other similar commercial network settings. We offer pre-terminated MTP trunk assemblies from 12 fibers all the way up to 288 fibers. MTP Assemblies can be transitioned to standard fiber optic connectors with MTP/MPO cassettes or via a MTP adapter/coupler and MTP fanout cable. We also offer any jacket type including: indoor, indoor armored, indoor/outdoor, indoor/outdoor armored, outdoor OSP, outdoor armored OSP. These jackets types are designed to work with all installations whether it be indoor, underground conduit, direct burial, or overhead distribution. Our custom MTP trunk and fanout assemblies always include genuine US Conec connectors and unless otherwise stated Corning glass. They come to you fully tested with test report and offer a true plug-and-play solution for high density installations. Our custom assemblies are made to order in the USA with ISO certified manufacturing. Visit our website, or connect with us today to find out more by checking out our site