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How to pre-lubricate a conduit for pulling fiber optic cabling

In this video, we show you how to pre-lubricate a conduit when pulling fiber optic cabling. This method will help reduce the overall friction during the pull, and will make a very difficult installation doable, and can reduce the required pulling force by 40% or more! In this example, we have a 30 foot piece of innerduct across the ceiling. We will also need pull string, quarter inch pole rope, cable lubricant and a pre-terminated fiber-optic assembly. Don't forget to also have a rag to use as a method of prelubricating the conduit. To get started, attach the pull string onto the pull rope that is inside of the inner duct and make a simple knot by holding both ropes together in parallel, and then making one knot between the pull rope and the string. Then on the other end, pull the pull rope until the knot clears the other end. Now that we have the string in place attach the rag and then create another knot by trying this string to another segment of pull string, and then dip the rag into the wire lubricant. Pull the rope until the rag comes out in the other end, and then cut the rag off. Now we’re going to lubricate in the opposite direction. To do this grab the string that came from the other direction and attach the rag along with quarter inch pulling rope by make one strong knot. Then dip the rag again in the lubricant, and then just pull the string on the other side. Now we have the conduit lubricated in both directions. We can stop this process in this point, but it’s good to do this process 2 to 3 times especially if you have very long conduit and anticipate more difficult pull. To pull the fiber assembly, first create a simple knot on the pull rope, and leave a trailer of rope behind the knot. Then attach the metal pull hook to the knot. Attach the lubricated rag onto the trailer rope, and then dip the rag again into the lubricant and lubricate everything, including the pulling eye. Pull the rope on the other side for the 3rd time. That’s how you do it! You can lubricate your conduit it in one direction, two directions and even three directions as we've demonstrated here. This will save you a lot of time, and will make a difficult pull possible and painless. Visit for all your cabling and connectivity needs!