400X Hand Held Video Microscope

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A dependable connector endface inspection scope is a vital part of any fiber optic professional’s tool kit. Inspecting patch cord connector endfaces before attaching them to equipment or patch panels saves time and effort, and ensures a clean, quality connection. These 400x video inspection scopes allow users to view connector endfaces on a video screen, preventing harmful invisible light from entering the users eye, and ensuring maximum eye protection. The VS400-H is a stand-alone video inspection scope, with a high-resolution LCD display that shows fiber endface anomalies in great detail. Endface images can be stored in internal memory, which can then be downloaded via USB to a PC or laptop for later playback. These video images can also be analyzed with software specifically designed to digitally analyze endfaces for dust, dirt, finger oil, scratches, pits, and other anomalies.

Key Features:

  • 400x magnification for use in both multimode and singlemode fiber endface analysis
  • Helps prevent eye injury since the user does not directly view the fiber endface
  • High-resolution LCD display shows endfaces in great detail
  • Endfaces can be recorded for later playback
  • Probe tips included are 2.5mm universal, SC, FC, and LC

NOTE: ST probe tips are not supported, due to the variation between different manufacturers ST connector ports and adapter construction.

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