6 Strand Indoor/Outdoor Plenum 10-GIG 50/125 OM3 Multimode Pre-Terminated Hybrid PowerFiber Assembly with 2 x 16 AWG Power Wires by QuickTreX®

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Item #: QT-HPF-6-M3-2x16A
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Our Indoor/Outdoor Pre-Terminated Plenum Rated Hybrid Fiber Optic Assembly with Power allows you to run your pre-terminated fiber optic assembly and power all in one conveniently jacketed cable.  Our Hybrid assemblies save you time and money by avoiding field terminations and also by eliminating the need to run 2 separate cables.  Our Hybrid assemblies include Corning fiber and pure copper power cables.  They are made only in the USA by highly trained technicians.  Our assemblies come fully tested and ready for immediate installation.  These assemblies also include a plenum rated jacket so they can be used in both plenum on non-plenum spaces.    This allows you to transition from plenum to non-plenum spaces without the use of termination boxes or couplers.  This fiber is suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, so there is no 50 foot fire code requriment traditionally found with Outdoor cable. The Indoor/Outdoor cable has a water blocking aramid yarn strength member surrounding the fiber optic strands to protect from sititations where light water infiltration may exist like in an under ground conduit or also in an Indoor situation where the asssemly may be exposed to a damp or moist enviorment.  The jacket used for our hybrid assesmblies is also UV rated so it can be exposed to direct sunlight.  

QuickTreX® brand, custom Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies have a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. When we receive your custom order, we build the assembly to your specifications using the finest materials to our exacting standards. The assembly is made in the USA by skilled technicians under controlled conditions and comes to you fully tested and ready for immediate installation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the highly customized nature of this product, it runs a 4-6 week lead time. (When your order is placed we custom jacket the fiber and power cables.  Once this process is complete your assembly is then cut to your specific size, terminated, tested, and pulling eyes are then installed if chosen.)

Standard QuickTreX Hybrid PowerFiber Assembly Features:

  • • All Pre-Terminated Hybrid Assemblies will be custom made at the time of your order, built with Corning® fiber, pure copper power conductors, and premium components to your specifications.
    • Factory terminations and polishing are superior to virtually all field terminations 

  • • Each strand will be reinforced with 2mm furcation tubing which helps ruggedize each strand and help protect it during installation. 

  • Each strand will include a sequential numerical label to help identify each strand on opposite ends of your assembly.

  • • The buffer tubes will be securely fastened to each 12 strand breakout kit using high strength adhesive type heat shrink tubing.
    • The connectors itself will also be staggered to minimize the size of the pulling basket which will be approximately 1".
    •  Heat shrink tubing will be used at:
       1) The transition from the buffer tubes to the cable jacket.
       2) Where the basket meets with the turn buckle (pull eye hook)
       3) Where the basket ends and connects with the cables jacket
    •  One wrap around label will be attached to each end of the cable assembly for identification. The label text includes the cable part number and a unique serialized number.
    • Pulling Eyes (pulling baskets), if equipped are made from kevlar reinforeced fiber cable. 


Best Suited for: Indoor/Outdoor cables are approved for use in underground conduits, even if the possibility of water infiltration exists due to it's water blocking aramid strenght members. It can also be used for standard Outdoor applications since it is UV resistant, but it is not rated for direct burial (see Outdoor Fiber).  

The advantage of using Indoor/Outdoor over standard Outdoor cable is that it does not have the 50 foot restriction for indoor installation that standard outdoor cable has. This cable has an overall PVC sheath and is not rated for plenum spaces.  It has a durable jacket that adds extra protection during installation and in rugged applications.   

* Plenum rated Indoor/Outdoor jacket can be used upon request.    

Lead time: Varies usually between 4 to 5 weeks.  Call or email Sales at 888-568-1230 option 1 for a current estimated time.

NOTE: Due to the fact that this is a custom made cable assembly, it is non-cancelable and non-returnable. Please choose your product description and specifications carefully. 

For pre and post purchase advice or tech support contact us by phone or email:
By Phone 888-568-1230 Option 2
By Email: [email protected]


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