HDMI True 4 x 2 Matrix w/IR Remote Control Extension & Audio Out

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An HDMI Matrix operates true to its name, as an array of elements for performing a specific function. This 4 x 2 HDMI Matrix allows you to connect up to four HDMI devices to the Matrix input, and send two HDMI outputs to a TV or other display unit. So gone are the days where you need to have a separate DVD player, cable box, or gaming device for each TV in your home or business.

This true matrix 4 x 2 switch will allow you to have the same video mirrored on all displays, or you can send different video to each display. You can select this input functionality directly from the HDMI matrix box, or by using the remote control.

This box also comes with an Infra-Red Extension function. This allows you to extend your remote control IR signal through HDMI cable. You can send the cable box signal for instance to both devices simultaneously, and you can use the same cable box remote to control both TV's even from different rooms. (This function requires an IR adapter – available options below).

This Matrix is a great application for home users, offices, sports bars and any other business requiring HDMI video. It supports HDMI High Speed with 3D, HDMI resolution 1080P, deep color, and has data transfer speeds of up to 6.75 Gbps. It also has RCA audio output for integration with an existing audio system.

This distributed video model will save you time and money and will consolidate and hide all those messy cables and equipment normally surrounding your TV's.


Product content:
1 -- HDMI 4 x 2 matrix switch
1 -- IR remote control
1 -- DC5V 2A power supply
1 -- Operation manual

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